Effective Business Transformation

We live in a dynamic world. Adapting to the changing business environment becomes a challenge.Flexiblity in business models is becoming increasingly important because of the global and virtual nature of businesses. Today, few managements are able to perceive the changes that are coming. Adaptability and Innovation is what directs businesses. Wherever Business Statergy and IT are seperated, We help them bring together. Our comprehensive suite of business consulting solutions listed below coupled with our expertise and services can transform your business and help in coherent growth.

Business Consultancy Services

We help clients reinvent their potential to growth. We assist businesses to improve their operating models and processes to enhance productivity,enable innovation and drive corporate performance and value.

Accounting Services

We offer professional Services.

Accounting solutions, Accounting Services, Audits, Certification, Reviews and Compilations, Tax Services, Legal Services & Documents Drafting Other Services

Technology Solutions

Staying ahead of competition is best done with successful technological transformation. We can make your business stay ahead with our IT expertise without compromising on Human Factors.


Our Data Analytics and Business Insights solutions can help in decision making process for your business and help in process optimizations, and statergise for the future.

IT Offerings

Tranform with Technology

Every organisation must look to benefit from the use of technology to maximise the returns on the resources.Innovation plays an integral part in the strategies of businesses. We offer an approach that combines the internal and external demands and focusses on optimum utilisation to benefit the company. We advise the managements with an approach which allows them to think, incubate and execute. The organisational capablities are thus fully utilised with prudent use of technology.

With a complete suite of end-end IT consulting solutions, we can help you in:
  • Improving productivity
  • Leverage change in technology
  • Staying relevant to your customers with updated technology
  • Ensure Industry Standard Compliance
  • Create an online portfolio for your business
  • Assurance Services such as review, testing of your IT products
  • IT planning and Statergy
  • Analytics, Optimizations and Decision Making

Application Development

We love building new things everyday. Be it an web application that allows users to maintain their online portfolio or a comprehensive suite of HR management applications for an organisation integrated into one application. Somedays we are working on things which we think is the future of our internet lifestyle.

Our Application Development services include:
  • Web Apps Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Office Automation Suite

Application Life Cycle Management

An application's life cycle begins with its creation, proceeds to deployment and production, and ends in removal from service when the application no longer has business value. Governance, which encompasses all of the decision making and project management for the application, extends over this entire time. The purpose of Governance is to make sure the application always provides what the business needs and to ensure an ongoing understanding of the application's benefits and costs. Because good Governance allows businesses to maximize the value of their applications, in many ways, it's the most important aspect of Application Life cycle Management.

Career Management Solutions

Human resources are important pillars of of any business.Finding the right talent quickly is a secret to smooth functioning of any organisation. We serve the clients to fill up job vacancies from our data bank and also from our quick recruitment process. Our data bank consists of resources with skills to work in any functional or technical area.Our team of expert professionals offer a wide spectrum of HR services that includes Talent Acquisition, Management, Analytics, Learning and Development.

"A business succeeds not because it is Big or because it is long established; But because there are people in it..".

Find People

With thousands of profiles vetted everyday to suit specific requirements in various domains, industries and skills, our talent acquisition services can help find the right candidates for your needs. .

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Manage Careers

We have everything you need and will ever need in effectively managing your career. As career consultants, you can always count on us to help shape your career in the way you need it to be.


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Accounting Services

As a complete financial solutions provider,KBS Consultants offers a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for your businesses. By partnering with us to help you manage key non-core functions, you can concentrate efforts on maximizing your core business, which is essential to businesses that are positioned for growth. Depending on your company's needs , we partner with you as your bookkeeper, accountant, controller, business advisor, part-time CFO - or the entire department.

Our Services include:
  • Accounting Services Bookkeeping/Write-Up
  • Audits, Certification, Reviews and Compilations
  • Consulting Services Management Consulting
  • Tax Services
  • Legal Services & Documents Drafting

All of our accounting services and solutions are scalable during periods of peak activity, and then can be scaled back when they are no longer required. Call or email us today for the business solution that fits your needs.

Business / Investment Opportunities in India

ibs KBS Consultants, through IndiaBusinessSale.com provide advisory services to clients.Designed to enable businesses, business ideas, properties and/or franchises be advertised for sale / buy via our services. We represent disclosed / undisclosed advertiser at negotiations, documentation and conclusion of the deals. We help you in documentations including verification and scrutiny of title and ownership, in drafting the Agreements for Sale and advise on the Tax effects and the legal aspects of buying and selling. Based on your needs we help you to Buy or Sell properties & Businesses.

  • Finding a buyer or seller as the case may be
  • Representing the client
  • Negotiating Terms & conditions
  • Scrutiny of title documents & inspection
  • Drafting documents to be executed
  • Tax & Statutory compliance

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